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Introduction of Taiwanese Hwa Hsia Society of New Zealand

In late 1980′s, the Government of New Zealand had changed its immigration policy. Thousands of Taiwanese left their home country and migrated to New Zealand. The Taiwanese migrants soon realized the importance of holding a reunion & setting up a fellowship.

The founding project started from 1989. Countless Taiwaneses had contributed their time and money to support this project. On 3/3/1990, the first AGM was held at Auckland City Town Hall, and THHSNZ was established thereafter.


The Society is a non-profitable civil organization. The aims are:

  1. To promote social, cultural and educational exchange between Taiwanese New Zealanders and other New Zealanders.
  2. To strengthen unity among fellow members and encourage them to get involved into local communities & main stream affairs, so they can live here as a Kiwi as others.
  3. To assist members settle in NZ. Over the years, the Society has been the largest and most influential civil organization in NZ Taiwanese Communities.


THHSNZ is currently operated by the 18th Board of Directors, headed by the Chairman, Mr. Paul Young.



–Directors (26)
–Supervisors (7)
–Executive Directors (9)
–Secretaries (3)


9 Committees

  • Administrations
  • Financial control
  • Public Relationships
  • Investments & Legal & regulations
  • Editorial
  • Educations
  • Recreations
  • Services
  • Special


  1. North Shore
  2. Remuera
  3. Epsom
  4. Mt. Roskill
  5. Pakuranga
  6. Howick
  7. Manukau & Others


Currently we have:
–526 active family members
–110 inactive family members
–2104 Individual members
• We had over 1,600 family members in 1997.